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Stuctural Insulating Panels (SIPs)

SIPs, are a composite building material that consist of an insulating layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of structural board. These panels can be used as wall, roof & floor components. The SIPs completely surround the timber structure, allowing more of the timber frame to be seen from inside the building.

SIPs are structurally sound, energy efficient, and more fire resistant than other insulation, such as fiberglass. SIPs help to structurally support the frame, allowing less dependency on bracing and auxiliary components, like minor joists and rafters. The panels can span a considerable distance, greatly increasing the stiffness of the timber frame itself. SIPs are also more energy efficient as the foam core allows for less air movement. This ensures fewer leaks and drafts, which in turn provides a more stable interior temperature. Finally, since the solid foam core of the SIP panel has no air, fire cannot spread as fast through a SIP wall, floor or roof, as it would with insulation made of fiberglass.