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Advantages of Timber Frames

Timber framing adds beauty to the design, as well as providing structural benefits. In addition, it allows the homeowner the ability to plan and create unique, open spaces that are energy efficient and soundOther advantages of timber framing include the following.

  •  Long lasting - Designed and built to last generations.
  • Creates beautiful, bright, open spaces - Design allows for over-sized windows and plenty of natural light. The frame remains exposed, towering to the ceiling, and visible from the interior of the house.
  • Design flexibility - You have limitless choices for your interior (such as wood, stone, or drywall) and exterior finishing (such as brick, wood, stone, or stucco).  Also, since timber frames can carry heavier loads than stick framing, your home has the options for larger rooms, higher ceilings, ad fewer partition walls, giving you more choices when designing your home.
  • Energy efficient - Timber frame homes are enclosed with insulated panels (SIPs) that wrap around the frame in a continuous envelope, with no break for studs or rafters, as in conventional construction. This insulation forms an airtight casing, giving your timber frame home increased energy efficiency and comfort.